Process mapping guidelines

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Process Mapping Guidelines
Determining Optimal Organizational Design
Executive Brief

Identify Processes
to Map

Identify which department or function you
plan to analyze for potential reorganization
and identify all of this group’s
responsibilities, then map the processes
associated with these responsibilities.
(See Appendix A for common HR
STEP 2:Identify Process

Identify all of the people involved in each
process, and, if possible, convene this
group to conduct facilitated brainstorming
sessions for increased accuracy and
creativity. If group sessions are not
possible, interview each participant
regarding his/her steps in the process.

Document Steps
and Decision Points

Document each step in the process,as well
as the points at which a participant has to
make a choice that will affect what steps
he/she takes next. Important steps to keep
in mind are handoffs of work from one
participant to the next and deliverables that
are created. (See Appendix B for
information on vendors to aid in process

Order the Steps
and Decision Points

After documenting all of the stepsand
decision points, order them chronologically
and apply flow chart symbols and directional
arrows, as detailed in Figure 1 on the
previous page. (See Page 6 for an

Analyze Maps
for Inefficiencies
������ Examine each process step and
decision point—Look for bottlenecks,
redundancies, and poor definition of a
step; poorly defined steps leave room
for interpretationand variance in
������ Assign each step a cost and/or
value-add—Does the step add value?
Can a step be eliminated? Closely
scrutinize steps that produce only a cost
and add no value.
������ Decide if any decision points can be
eliminated—Decision points can be
significant bottlenecks.
������ Examine each rework loop in the
process map—Can the loop be
shortened oreliminated?

New Processes

When applicable, redesign inefficient processes based on the following principles:
������ Ensure processes support departmental and organizational strategy to
eliminate unnecessary activities.
������ Have end users of the process perform the process to ensure that the end
product meets the original specifications.
������ Link parallel activitiesinstead of integrating their results to avoid spending
time and resources on integrating deliverables at the end.
������ Put decision points where the work is performed and build control into the
process to avoid the redundancy of having another department/unit/person
conducting quality control.
������ Treat geographically dispersed resources as though they were centralized
by using databases,telecommunications networks, and standardized
processing systems to decrease the differentiation between remote and
centralized employees.

Determine Ownership
of Processes

After designing the new
processes, allocate
responsibility for each
process to central HR or to
business unit HR.
(See Appendix C for
decision variables for
balancing central and
business unit HRroles.)

New Processes

When implementing new
processes, make sure to
manage the change
properly through employee
communication, training,
and ongoing support.
(For resources on how to
properly manage change,
please visit the Council’s
Change Management
Topic Center.)

Directrices proceso de asignación La determinación de Diseño organizacionalóptimo
Resumen ejecutivo

Identificar al mapa de los procesos

Identificar qué departamento o función planeas para reorganizar y analizar el potencial e identificar todos los de este grupo de responsabilidades, a continuación, asignar los procesos asociados con estas responsabilidades.
(Véase el Apéndice A de recursos humanos comunes los procesos.)

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