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Is Pit bull breed a good pet for home?

When people see a pit bull dog, the first thing that come to their minds is hostile, aggressive, not trustworthy, not safe around children and not good pet for home. Some people manifest that they are afraid of this kind of dog while there are others who think that this breed is misunderstood. Many timespeople do not stop and think about if the pit bull breed is a cruel breed, or they are just interpreted due to the reputation that others have given them along with history that are connected tothem, people just speculate too much when it comes from the pit bull breed. People do not take the time to learn about them, they only judge and hear the media to set their mind that pit bull breed is ahostile breed.
 The pit bull breed is no allow in Denver. In Colorado is an issue that has recently received much attention. Many people believe that pit bull type dogs are an inherently dangerousspecies. People believe that the breed is naturally aggressive simply based on their history. These false accusations have created a negative stereotype for the pit bulls, which has scared manypossible owners away from the breed. Many information refute the claims of individuals who support the pit bull ban and prove that it is not the pit bulls historical upbringing that makes them aggressive.It’s the dog’s rich history that can be attributed to their loyalty, companionship, and easygoing nature.
Some articles argue that pit bull breed is the best dog that can someone have for itsenthusiasm. They base this claim off of ownership experience and an understanding of the breed’s history. Others believe it is the pit bulls history that makes them more prone to aggression. Individuals whobelieve this theory base their opinions off of a small part of the pit bulls historical upbringing; an event called baiting. According to, an official website for advocating dog health,...
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