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A hard worker father
In this world you can find a lot of succesful people, when we are little, we all think that our parents are the most succesful and in our words “our heroes”. Jose Hermel Soto,my dad, (who I admire as person and as a son) is for me one of the smartest people that I know.
He lived in Colombia in some difficult circunstances. My grand parents didn’t have a really good economyand Colombia didn’t either. So my dad had to work to go to school, help my grandmother when my grandfather died and for paying for his own things, his chilhood is inspiring (that’s the reason why Istarted to work so early, like him I wanted to be responsible, get my own things with my own money and help my family).
He has a lot of general knoledge and has always stidied well, he worked forpaying his college education(part of it, the other was paid with a scholarship that he earned), he is pretty smat and responsible, he is the kind of father that his children in college ask something andhe is still able to anwer to them.

1. How was your childhood?
My chilhood was good, was really nice, I grew up with all my siblings and neighbors. We used to go fishing and playing.2. How much time did it take you to get at where you at now?
It took me my whole life, since I was pretty little I tried to be a good worker, I had to work to go to school, college and afterthat… it’s something that you always have to think about how to make it better.

3. Define what you do in one single word

4. Do you think tah the saying “If you want to get to thetop, you always have to sacrifice something” is correct?
I think is correct. Because sometimes when you want to reach a goal, you have to procrestinate some things or leave some things for later thatsometimes are really important for you.

5. Did you sacrifice something for your carrier and future?
A lot, I made I lot of sacrifices for my future and carrier, not on school, because I was...
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