Proyecto de haiti

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Theme: Latin American Countries

v Country’s name- Haiti
Ø Continent- In the Centro America
Ø Location- Caribbean, western one-third of the island of Hispaniola, between theCaribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, west of the Dominican Republic
Ø Surrounding- In the North Atlantic Ocean
v Flag
Description-two equal horizontal bands of blue (top) and red with acentered white rectangle bearing the coat of arms, which contains a palm tree flanked by flags and two cannons above a scroll bearing the motto L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE (Union Makes Strength)
vOfficial language- French, Haitian Creole
v Population- 9,035,536 (2009)

v President’s name- René Préval (2006)
 Ø Government type- Republic with an elected government.

v Monetary Unit - Gourde 
v Religion- Roman Catholic 80%, Protestant 16% (Baptist 10%, Pentecostal 4%, Adventist 1%, other 1%), Note: roughly one-half of the population also practices Voodoo
v Crops or Products-*Coffee, mangoes, sugarcane, rice, corn
  *Sugar refining, flour milling, textiles, cement, tourism, light assembly industries based on imported parts

v Climate/Weather- Tropical; semiaridwhere mountains in east cut off trade winds

v Outstanding Personalities-
1) Boniface Alexandre 
2) René García Préval 

v Touristic Places -
1) Porto Principe 
2) Nearby SansSouci Palace 

v Nacional Anthem-

La Dessalinienne:

For our country,
For our forefathers,
United let us march.
Let there be no traitors in our ranks!
Let us be masters of our soil.
Unitedlet us march
For our country,
For our forefathers.
For our forebears,
For our country
Let us toil joyfully.
May the fields be fertile
And our souls take courage.
Let us toil joyfully
For ourforebears,
For our country.
For our country
And for our forefathers,
Let us train our sons.
Free, strong, and prosperous,
We shall always be as brothers.
Let us train our sons
For our country...
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