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English Project |
Pet Cemetery |
Construction of animal cemetery in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. |
Construcciones Miceli |
10/12/2009 |

Level 4º Semester

Enlish Project

Pet Cemetery

Teacher: Isis Hernández

Luis Enrique Miceli Flores
Abel de Jesús López Flores
Belén Inés Ramos González
Adriana Ruiz Maza
Leopoldo Amador Bravo

Logo & Slogan 4
Vision 5
Mission 5
Values 5
Objectives (General, Specific) 5
Theorical Framework 6
Structure of Company & Flowchart 15
Location of the Company 17
Product (Description, Cost & Material) 19
Possible Market 21

Pet Cemetery

In this time the state of Chiapas, there isn`t petcemetery service, that´s why it is founded on 26 September 2009 this Company, with experience in differents cities from Mexico and the union of a set of partners with different specialties and with a common purpose, we´ve began operations to provide this great service, with support from the towns, we can give them happiness to the need of many families

The company's vision is to providea respectful and dignified service for those who value pets as another member of the family
The company's mission is intended to provide comfort and reassurance to pet owners, providing a worthy service to remember and thank who was the best company.
Common good
The company's goal is give your pet a fitting end, withsubtlety and respect they deserve; only we know how to do.
We understand the pain of losing, but also appreciate what they have been able to take in life we dismiss them as best, with the reassurance you need.

Theorical Framework
Children and the loss of a pet
Remmber that for a kid the lose of an animal, like a pet it’s as painful as losing a person. So we have to help them in the process ofsoling them without suffering too much. The longevity of animals is shorter than the humans, which means that sooner than us they will leave us and the children will feel that situation. Children always want to know “why”, “where are they going to”, “why did they leave”…

We must not try to hide the pet or disappear the dead body because the pain of our children will be bigger when they arrive athome and don’t see their pets without the opportunity of telling goodbye. If they realize what their parents do it’s probably that they will stop believing in the family. Children don’t need a complete explanation about the dead, what they will need in that moment it’s to be listened, to listen their doubts, their inquietudes and they sure will understand, parents must be really careful aboutthat.

The way that the kid accepts the loss depends in many factors:
* The edge of the kid in the moment of the loss.
* The kind of relationship with the pet.
* Characteristics of the loss (the way the pet die).
* The support from the family about their feelings y needs in that moment.

Independent of the religion of the family, it must be known that the dead it’s a terminalphase and it’s forever. The kid must know that it’s a process of life and everything living now someday will die, and everything without life doesn’t feel, doesn’t need and doesn’t feel pain.

Most of the people will go out and get another pet, but it’s better that if the kid was really near to the pet wait for the kid permission for getting other pet. If not it will be a conflict inside of thekid.

If you lose a pet and got a new one the best you could do it’s to give a new name to the pet.

Basic Concepts
Companion Animals
A companion Animal or mascot is a domestic animal not forced to work, nor used for food purposes. The term mascot comes from the French “mascotte” and applies to any person or animal that brings good fortune, serves as a talisman.

In almost all human societies...
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