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Comprehension Test
The Elephant Man
Tim Vicary
1 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
a It costs 2 pence to see the Elephant Man.
b Dr Treves took the creature to the hospital.
c Dr Treves gave the creature a card.
d The police wrote a letter to The Times.
e Merrick had a picture of his mother.
f The King of England visited Merrick inhospital.
g The Queen gave Merrick a box of chocolates.
h Merrick wrote a letter to the Queen.
i Merrick did not like the country.
j Merrick died quietly in the street.
10 marks

2 Put the following events in the story in the right order. Number them 1–5.
a The next day I looked in the shop window again, but the picture was not there.
b We gaveMerrick two rooms at the back of the hospital.
c I saw that the skin on his face was blue, so I knew he was dead.
d There was a man in the shop. He was a dirty man in an old coat with a cigarette in his mouth.
e We went to the theatre in a cab with dark windows.
20 marks

3 Match a number from A with a letter from B to make complete sentences.
1 Dr Trevesis a doctor ...
2 Merrick wore some old trousers ...
3 When the nurse saw Merrick, ...
4 He tried to sleep on his back that night, ...
5 He was a man with a very ugly body, ...
a ... she screamed and ran out of the room.
b ... but no shirt, coat or shoes.
c ... at the London Hospital.
d ... but he was a kind man, and he had a lot of friends.e ... but his head came off the bed, and he broke his neck.
20 marks

4 Complete the dialogue
Dr Treves Your Majesty, this ............... Joseph Merrick. Joseph, this is Her Majesty, Queen Alexandra, the ............... of ................
The Queen How do you do, Mr Merrick, I’m very pleased to ............... you.
Merrick How – how ..............., Your Majesty.
20 marks5 In a few lines, write a short summary of Merrick’s story. (How did Dr Treves find him? Were people always good to him? What did he like? How did he die? etc.).

30 marks

Total marks

Multiple-choice Test
The Elephant Man
Tim Vicary

Choose the best answer.
1 Dr Treves first met Merrick in a _____.
a [ ] hospital b [ ] circus c [ ] shopd [ ] street
2 This meeting took place in _____.
a [ ] 1984 b [ ] 1884 c [ ] 1848 d [ ] 1948
3 Dr Treves thought that Merrick was the _____ person he had ever met.
a [ ] biggest b [ ] most beautiful c [ ] ugliest d [ ] kindest
4 He thought that the most interesting thing about Merrick’s body was his _____.
a [ ] very big head b [ ] very bigfeet c [ ] big red tooth d [ ] strange clothes
5 His body had a lot of bags of _____.
a [ ] dirty money b [ ] dirty skin c [ ] clean skin d [ ] shopping
6 The shopkeeper was _____ Merrick.
a [ ] kind to b [ ] unhappy with c [ ] happy with d [ ] horrible to
7 He _____ showing Merrick to the public.
a [ ] made money from b [ ] didn’t like c[ ] was worried about d [ ] was afraid of
8 When people saw Merrick, _____.
a [ ] they were usually afraid of him b [ ] they always talked to him
c [ ] they always laughed at him d [ ] they were usually angry with him
9 Dr Treves gave Merrick _____.
a [ ] his home address b [ ] his card c [ ] a picture d [ ] a book
10 At the end of the first visitto hospital, Dr Treves _____.
a [ ] took Merrick to the theatre b [ ] took Merrick to his own home
c [ ] ordered a cab for Merrick d [ ] took Merrick back to the shop
20 marks

Choose the best answer.
11 Joseph Merrick was _____ years old when Dr Treves first met him.
a [ ] 35 b [ ] 28 c [ ] 38 d [ ] 25
12 Merrick’s face showed no...
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