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Project Name

Quality Plan____________________________________________________________


Prepared By: xxxxxxxxx

Date of Publication: mm/dd/yy


Quality Management Approach 1

Project Overview 1

Quality Standards 1

Quality Tools 1

Completeness and Correctness Criteria 2

Quality Assurance 3

Quality AssuranceProcedures 3

Quality Assurance Roles and Responsibilities 3

Quality Control 4

Quality Control Procedures 4

Quality Control Roles and Responsibilities 4

Quality Management ApproachThe approach for managing quality includes the Quality Plan and three major processes (listed below): The Quality Plan (this document) is completed during the planning phase to validate that themajor deliverables are completed with an acceptable level of quality.

Completeness and Correctness Criteria: The project team and major stakeholders should agree up front on when each major deliverableis complete and correct. The deliverables are then evaluated against these criteria before they are formally approved.

Quality Assurance: Quality assurance activities focus on the processes beingused to manage and deliver the solution, and can be performed by an IS Manager, business sponsor, or a third-party reviewer.

Quality Control: Quality control activities are performed continuallythroughout a project to verify that project management and project deliverables are of high quality.

Project Overview

Describe the background and context for the project and why it is beingundertaken. Speak to the business value of the work being performed. This section can be copied from the Project Definition or similar document. (Remove this comment section from final document.)...
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