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Educational Innovations

Innovation is a concept well known in the teaching field, this conception can be also understood as a change because when someone innovates he changes the way in whichsomething has been taught previously, but this did not work longer as before. To innovate is not necessarily to apply sophisticated techniques neither technological appliances, is it just to take thesubject hard to learn by student and modified it in the way they acquire it easily and keep it for the rest of their lives.
The innovation concept can be misunderstood by the people, who relatethis with technological inventions. The innovation is just to chance the way things are been done to a new one in which the results become better, and more important than the results is the acquisitionof the new technique by the implementers of it.
Teachers are compromise with the students in terms of looking for new innovative ways of teaching, in order to make attractive the lessons and easilyto understand. The innovations and teaching process work together and the teacher who does not look for new techniques for teaching is not a vocative professional, because the good professor feels theresponsibility he has in the learning acquisitions process implementing updated information as moderns tools, just in order to achieve the goals the educational systems requires from students. Theresponsibility of innovate the teaching process is just of the teachers, and the result of this implementations must be excellent, so the professor can not apply a new technique or strategy, if it wasnot already proved and tested, teachers must experience the ideas they suppose are going to change the teaching process before they star implementing them in every classroom they teach just one classshould be instructed into the new way in order to see the results and the workability of it in the learning process. It is important to take into a count that a specific innovative technique could...
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