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Writing about a friend of yours. Who is he or is she? What is he or she like? Why are you friends? Use complete sentences and descriptive adjectives.

The name’s my friend is Janeth.She is tall and she has black curly hair too, she is thin, she has white skin. She is 21 years old. She is from Latacunga, She lives with yours grandparents because she is studying at the CatholicUniversity. She lives in Quito but your parents live in Ambato. She likes a lot of clothes and shoes. She likes to drive big cars and she travel for all country. She studies Geology and she willfinish your profession to next semester. Janeth is my friend because we have to much common things, then we are always funny. We go to the university and we travel together already of our country. Ourprofession is very interesting because it permit to meet other persons and other places. Janeth and I meet more friends for all country.


Complete the following sentences:

1.Free books for students is a (good/bad) idea because students will investigate with more facility.
2. A police officer in a uniform is a (good/bad) idea because the police officer uniform will help toidentify him.
3. More homework is a (good/bad) idea because students will be tired.
4. More vacations days is a (good/bad) idea because kids will play all time and they won’t study nothing.ACTIVITY 3

Do the activities 3 and 4, page 79. Unit 4. Attach a sheet of paper.

Read the paragraph. Underline the topic sentence.

Once of my special possessions is my collection offamily photographs. I have hundreds of photos. I have very old photos of my great-grandparents. I also have pictures of my grandparents’ wedding. I especially love the photos of my parents when theywere children. Sometimes I spend hours looking at the pictures. I like the photos because my family is very important to me.

Read the paragraph. It is missing a topic sentence. Read...
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