Recetario de cocina (ingles)

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• 12 tortillas cut into strips
• 4 medium tomatoes, crushed
• 1 / 2 onion, finely chopped
• 1 clove garlic
• 2 liters of broth of chicken
• 1 sprig parsley
• 4 fried pasilla chilies
• 1 diced avocado
• 1 / 2 cup shredded cheese
• Cream
• Saltand pepper
• Oil for frying

{draw:frame} 1. Fry tortilla strips in hot oil and drain.
2. Besides, fry crushed tomatoes with garlic and onion in 3 tablespoons oil.
3. Add broth, parsley and two ground chilies and strained. Season with salt and pepper and let simmer for about 15 minutes.
4. Serve the soup with tortilla strips, chunks of chili pas {draw:frame} illa,avocado, cheese and cream.
{draw:frame} Chicken with Mole Poblano

● 2 kilos of chicken with skin (in pieces)
● 2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds
● white rice as a side dish
● Salt and ground black pepper
For the Mole Poblano
● 9 Mulato Chiles
● 7 Pasilla Chiles
● 6 Ancho Chiles
● 1 cup plus 9 tablespoons vegetable oil
● 4to 5 tomatillos, peeled and cooked until tender
● 5 cloves
● 20 black peppercorns
● 1 piece of cinnamon
● 1 tsp roasted chili seeds
● 8 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds
● 4 cloves garlic
● 3 tablespoons raisins
● ¼ cup pumpkin seeds
● Cut 2 corn tortillas
● 3 taps (French bread) cut into rings of 3 cm.
● 6 to 7 cups chicken broth
● 50 grams of Mexican chocolate
*{draw:custom-shape} Preparation: *

First: Season chicken with salt and pepper.
Second: Cook chicken in plenty of water, once you are ready, remove chicken and reserve broth.
Third: Prepare the Mole Poblano
Step 1: Rinse chilies remove the seeds (reserving a teaspoon)
Step 2: Cook the chilies in half rate this oil until crispy but not burned and remove
Step 3: Soak the chilies in warmwater for 30 minutes
Step 4: Make a paste with chilies using part of the soaking water
Step 5: Grind the pepper, cinnamon, cloves and chili seeds
Step 6: Blend the tomatoes with the garlic, add chopped species and set aside.
Step 7: In a frying pan with a slotted spoon and remove the following ingredient (without mixing) until puffed raisins, almonds until golden, pumpkin seeds, tortillasand bread (Add more oil if necessary).
Step 8: Add the fried ingredients to the tomatillo sauce and blend. (Use chicken broth to maintain the consistency of a sauce)
Step 9: In a large pot or cooking oil in half the rate of chili paste for 15 minutes and reduce heat.
Step 10: Add to pot with chili paste, tomatillo sauce and chocolate and cook for 15 minutes over high heat.
Step 11: Addremaining chicken broth and simmer for 45 minutes
Step 12: In the last 15 minutes add the chicken to the pot.
Serve with white rice and garnish with sesame seed.
{draw:frame} DESSERT:


250 grs. vanilla
Crustless white bread
1 egg
3 tablespoons flour
1 teaspoon yeast

1 .- grate the bread, which must be completelywhite, bark
2 .- In the very frozen vanilla ice cream, it makes a ball and dipped in white bread crumbs to create a protective layer.
3. - They get the balls in the freezer and prepare a smooth paste for coating mixing flour, yeast, egg and water.
4 .- At the time of serving the dessert, take out the balls from the freezer, are bathed in batter and fry in hot oil for half a minute so crisp onthe outside and cold inside.
5. - TIP: You can water the fried ice cream with a little honey and served with raspberry sauce


**• 2 avocados ready.
1 tomato, peeled and chopped red
Medium onion
Juice of 1 lemon
Coarse salt
Tabasco (or minced chili)
Cilantro (optional)...
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