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Good morning everyone of you, be welcome.
Today we’ll talk, How to keep the garbage in the right place, I’m not talking drop it on the street, I’m talking about the recycling.
Recycle besides tokeep the environment could be an excellent way to show people’s artistic side too.
Recycling is the process of taking a product of the end of it’s useful life and using all or part of the end of itto make another product.
The garbage can be separated by organic and inorganic material.
Organic: food in general, skin of fruit, except the animals bones.
Inorganic: metal, plastic, wood,cardboard.. etc
The recycling has a symbol and each one represents a different part of the recycling process. To recycle we need The three R’s , Now my partner is going to explain something else about therecycle.

We need to know the incredible three R’s What does that mean?
Each arrow has a meaning.
REDUCE: how much you use (plastic, cans, cardboard, etc)
REUSE: What you canuse again. (plastic bottles, paper office, fabric..)
RECYCLE: The rest . (What you can’t use again, it could be remake it.
Garbage could be a good material to start this amazing process: can, boxes,plastic straw, paper, plastic and glass bottles..)
At the present the intentions to create conscious has been difficult inside the society , day after day, people think “garbage, is just garbage,and is something useless.
We have forgotten the real solution is in our hands: this school is worried to promote the recycle culture. Actually we did a march against the pollution last March weplanted in convivencia’s park four trees that represent our obligation with the green planet.
Now I’ll show you some objects that we can do with recycle material.
Here you can see flowers, bags, notebooktaks, toys and all you can imagine.
Please, remember the change is on you; maybe one person can’t do too much but is a good start.

Thank you so much for your attention have a nice morning and...
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