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Teacher’s tips

Beginners particularly need regular revision and recycling of new language. Here are some tips and ideas on how to incorporate revision and recycling intoyour lessons:

Using Cutting Edge Starter
Cutting Edge Starter constantly recycles new language in the readings, listenings and practice exercises of each Module, which means that students willautomatically revise much of what they have already covered. There are also other sections of Cutting Edge Starter that are specifically designed for revision: • The exercises in the Do you remember?sections can be done all together, or used one at a time where necessary (e.g. in the last five minutes of a lesson). They can also be set for homework, and checked in class the next day. • The threeConsolidation sections include grammar exercises, listenings and vocabulary exercises, which recycle much of the language from the previous four Modules. Each Consolidation section also contains awell-known song. • The Workbook is designed mainly for homework/selfstudy, but many of the exercises are also suitable for use in class as revision. • The Resource bank contains between two and fourcommunicative practice activities per module that can be used to revise key language areas. • The Resource bank also contains Tests to be used after Modules 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. Note that there are twoalternative tests that cover the same language areas, which means that you can give different tests to students sitting next to each other! If you don’t use all the tests in class, consider giving theothers for homework. • The Vocabulary Book is also a good source of revision material. For ideas on how to use this, look at the section on Making the most of the Vocabulary Book on page 11.

• Practisekey verbs like have, like or want by asking students to write down five things they have/like/want, then comparing their answers with a partner. • Write ten words on the board. Spell five of these...
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