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Cruz Meneses Edgar Humberto Carrera de Derecho
Referente a lo del TIC 23-Marzo de 2009
INTRODUCCI'N July, 2009 will be an important year inside the politics(policy) of Mexico since thechoices(elections) will be carried out for chiefs delegacionales in the Distrito Federal, it means that we will have 16 new representatives of the will of the citizenship who will have to take chargedirecting your territorial demarcation for 3 years, which is translated in that it(he,she) will have to satisfy the needs of the population in this time and in agreement to what the law establishes.It(He,She) is because of it that will be a requirement indispensable to vote this way to have participation in the matters of the national politics but for it we have a few questions that to answer:
Whatis a choice(election)?
What is the vote and how can I carry out it?
Those who can be voted(passed)?
How are choices(elections) carried out?
Can crimes be committed during these?
Later we willgive a general panorama on these processes and will answer each and every of these questions to be able to express(emit), later, an opinion solid and justified about the future choices(elections) in ourdelegation.
REFERENCES HIST'RICAS OF I VOTE In the History, the choices(elections) have been identified by the origin of the democracy. In the cities - States of the former Greece, often mentionedas examples of pure democracy, the members of the Council of State were chosen by drawing between(among) a list of candidates selected by the demes, or local governments. The citizens of the formerRome were choosing important public charges and were voting on public matters. In the middle ages the suffrage was limited. Between(among) the first tribes teutonas, the freemen were choosinghis(her,your) kings; later, the inheritance(heredity) happened(passed) to be the prop of the monarchy.
From middle of the 13th century until beginning of the 19th century, the German monarchies and the...
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