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The WHERE clause is used to specify a selection criterion.

The WHERE Clause 

To conditionally select data from a table, a WHERE clause can be added to the SELECT statement.

Syntax|SELECT column FROM table |
|WHERE column operator value|

With the WHERE clause, the following operators can be used:
|Operator |Description|
|= |Equal |
| |Not equal |
|>|Greater than |
|< |Less than |
|>= |Greater than or equal|
|1965 |
|This is wrong:|
|SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE Year>'1965' |[pic]

The LIKE Condition

The LIKE condition is used to specify a search for a pattern in a column.


|SELECT column FROM table|
|WHERE column LIKE pattern |

A "%"sign can be used to define wildcards (missing letters in the pattern) both before and after the pattern.

Using LIKE

The following SQL statement will return persons with first names that...
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