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Rule of Thirds, Visual Center, Grids |
Uderlying most of the layouts on the previous pages are three related aspects of page layout and balance. These are layout principles that help the designerachieve arrangements with visual balance.
Rule of Thirds and Balance
The rule of thirds says that most designs can be made more interesting by visually dividing the page into thirds vertically and/orhorizontally and placing our most important elements within those thirds. Take this concept a step further, especially in photographic composition, by dividing the page into thirds both verticallyand horizontally and placing your most important elements at one or more of the four intersections of those lines.

Look at these previous balance examples and see how the rule of thirds is utilized.Below: In this vertically symmetrical layout the headline appears in the upper third of the page, the logo in the middle third, and the supporting descriptive text in the lower third. The mostimportant information is in that lower third and anchors the page.

Below: This asymmetrical layout has most elements in the upper third and leftmost third of the page with the main focal point beingaround the intersection of the topmost and leftmost dividing lines.

Visual Center and Balance
Placing important elements or the focal point of the design within the visual center of a piece isanother design trick. The visual center is slightly to the right of and above the actual center of a page.

See how the focal or center point of each of these designs actually falls in the visual centerof the page. Below: It's easy to see the actual center, it's where the four box corners meet. But the focus is on the earth.

Below: In this calendar, the months emanate from the year located frontand (visual) center.

Grids and Balance
Roughly dividing a page into thirds or finding the visual center are relatively easy and you don't usually have to be exact to achieve your goals. However,...
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