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Nation: a large agregate of people united by common descent,history, culture, lenguaje, inhabiting a particular country or territory.
State: a politically organizedbody of people under a single government and with over a geographic.
Nation states:one nation ocupize on state/under one government
Sub-national states: (under the nation) Jalisco just stateMultinational state:spain Canada two nations with the same government
Multistate nations: los crudos persons that fell indentify with each other but they live in other country because theydon’t have territory.
Foreign policy: is the set of goals, guidelines and strategies that seeks to outline how a particular state will interact with other countries of the world.
Political ideologies: think democracy about the best for the country
Public opinion: Vietnam
Interes group:greenpeace (people trying to influence people)
International relations:interactions between and among states, and more broadly, the workings of the international system as a whole
COLD WAR multipolarity: many powers (WWs) bipolarity 2 powers(coldwar) unipolarity 1 power (now)
-distributive: one person having power over the rest/power in different levels
Collective: power of a lot persons
Intensive-authoritative: concentrate in one peroson/centralize power
Diffuse: a lot of sources of power
-behavioral: power because of who you are
Resource: people listen to you because of what youhave
-hard: military threat
Soft: influencing/diplomacy
Ideological:human need to find ultimate meaning in life
Economic:need to extract, transform,distribute and consumenature´s resources
Military. Social organization of physical force
Information revolution
Traditional world and cyber world overlap
Inf: generate power/need to be regulated
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