Reseña de cancun en ingles

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RESEÑA Cancun is one of the main tourist centers Mexico and Latin America. Paradisiacal beaches, some bathed by the sea Caribbean are a site featuring an unmatched natural beauty. Fine whitesand and crystal clear and warm waters, its coastline allow relax passing a quiet day in the Sun or, also, being in constant motion practice various water sports and ends as the Bungee or diving,which is possible thanks to the extensive and varied marine life of the place. A unique historical and cultural importance, houses a large amount of the Mayan archaeological sites which will not fail tosurprise and hallucinating up to the most demanding tourist. Little more than one hundred and fifty kilometers is most impressive historic site of the region: the old Chichen-Itza Mayan Center. Inaddition, also has some interesting museums that make it possible to learn more about the history cancunense. With a pleasant climate the twelve months of the year and an excellent tourist infrastructure,the city also has one of the most intense night lives in the country, with numerous discos and clubs to keep awake to Cancun twenty-four hours a day. Then with numerous historical and naturalattractions, this town is distinguished and presents the traveler as an as magnificent as surprising choice. | |PAST PRGRESIVE-I was swimming in the sea-I was one of the best clubs in Cancun-We were hosted in one of the best hotels in Cancun-was also playing football with my brothers-was eating friedcommercially-We were also renting a unicycle water-they were listening to music by Harpoon-I was moving a city to another on yacht-I was covered with Earth-My mom was on the market of downtown Cancun-I was makingsand castles-I was gathering of sea snails-my Pope I was buying a turtle-children were watching the sharks-I was swimming with sharks-my brother was seeing the divers-My potatoes were on a boat...
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