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Chapter 5

1-He started inviting his friendo to his house gave a loto of money to the poor and because very religious.

2-He was shoked at the change in his pale and thin he looked much older.3-Because there were again the words´ death or disappearance just as in jeckyll´s will.

4-He leant that Dr Jeckyll didn´t do any thing and something was worrying him.

5-Suddenly, Dr Jeckyll hadan expression of terror on his face and closed the window quickly, so Mr Utterson left the courtyard terrified.

Chapter 6

1-Poole visited him because he thought that there has been a crime atDr Jeckyll´s house.

2-He took a candle and went with Mr Utterson to Dr Jeckyll´s laboratory.

3-It was different because he thought that his master was dead and that someone else was now his room.Chapter 7

1-Poole told Utterson that the person in that room wanted a certain chemical very much and he shouted for it day and naight.

2-His explanation was that Dr. Jekyll had got a strangeillness that changed his voice and gave him a deformed appearance. That´s why he was wearing the mask he didn´t want visitors and he wanted the chemical so much.

3-Poole thought that the person inthe laboratory was Hyde because the man he saw was very small, Hyde had got a key to the laboratory door and he felt a cold fear when he saw him.

4- Mr Utterson´s explanation of the situation wasthat Hyde killed poor. Jekyll and still in Jekyll´s room.

Chapter 8

1- He sent two servants to watch the back door of the laboratory because they were going to force their way into Dr. Jekyll´sroom so they had to make sure that nobody escaped from the back of the building.

2- It was difficult to break open the door of the laboratory because Poole had to hit the door five times with thehatchet before the lock broke.

3- They saw a warm fire, papers on the desk, dishes on the table and chemicals in the cupboards. They also saw the body of Edward Hyde lay on the floor in the middle...
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