Review of the movie “master harold… and the boys”

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“Master Harold… and the boys” is a play originally written by Athol Fugard, which was later released as a movie directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. This play shows the situation African people wereliving in 1950, like the discrimination towards black people. In the movie, the roles of Hally, Sam and Willie were played by Matthew Broderick, Zakes Mokae and John Kani, respectively. The main purposeof the movie is to tell the story of a white boy and the two black men who worked for him. This movie is oriented to young adults (including teenagers) and grown-up people in order for them to catchthe message.
The plot is about the change of perception of Hally, a white boy to the two black men he coexisted. It first shows us a nice relationship between the three of them, remembering the timeswhen Hally was a little boy and the uncommon relationship he had with Sam, whom he always was very close. After receiving a call from Hally’s mother to the Tea Room where it all happens, the moodchanges and Hally’s attitude too, changing forever his relationship between him and the other characters.
The movie follows exactly the line the play gives. The director respects entirely the originalscript, changing only a few sentences of the original dialogs. The scenery is also very faithful to the one described in the book, the details in it are well looked after. Also, the costumes andphotography of the movie were very good. It is well adapted from the original play.
Despite the greatness the movie is, there are some weak points. Although it portrays very well the story, the movie goesin some points slow and it makes it easy for the audience to stop paying attention to the story line. Another weak point is the actors for Sam and Willie are most of the time difficult to understandwhen they are talking, for example, when Sam and Hally are talking about things Sam has learned, for me it was difficult to understand what he was saying. I believe if you don’t have an idea of what...
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