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Our main distribution strategies will be the TV spots apart from other ways of promoting that we are going to explain in the next lines.

To promote our snowplow,we will sale in a direct way. In this option our client are going to contact with us directly and for that we will design a Web page where people can purchase all kind of product that we make. Forthat, we will put the brochure with our sales options to make the purchase process easier to our clients.

In the other hand, we will put available our product by an indirect distribution. In thiscase, to sale our product we are going to make a contract with some specialised car shops, where we think that our product could be very successful, and in different cars dealers, giving thepossibility of having the car prepared to adapt the product to their new car.

For the lawnmower distribution, we will offer the same service as for snowplow distribution in our Web page and also we aregoing to send some broachers to farmhouses.

In what refers to the sand cleaner’s distribution, we will share our product with our customers in our page and also we are going to do some visits tothe City Council offering our product in the same time as sending some broachers.


To finish with this part of the work we have to explain the communication strategy thatwe have decided to establish in our business. The strategy that we have defined and implement is the same in all markets in which it operates.

We are going to composite different communicationcanals to define the strategy and there are the main canals that we are going to use to be known:

-Internet (our web site)
- Print spots
-Brochures (on line and in paper)
-Specialized magazines-TV spots

Besides all that, we have already explained, it is important to mention the advertising campaign that we are going to do when the governments accept our proposal to approve the product.
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