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Historic Center
In the Historic Center section is where we find the greatest architectural richness of Mexico City We refer to the buildings of the colonial era, when Mexico was called New Spain, as an area of streets that invite us to travel to the past and remember his time of splendor, a time when horse-drawn carriages carried inside viceroys and senior officials, while merchants, monks andnuns, artisans and other characters made their way between the famous and beautiful streets of the City of memories.
But that does not mean that the Center is only a relic, is also a modern shopping center, which until very prestigious includes shops such as boutiques, neon, clothing stores as well as a gentleman lady, leather goods, shoe stores and all items that one could want. But that's not whatmost impressed us, what surprised us was the amount of these stores there. In some cases they are blocks and blocks down the street of shops of the same article. You could say that the Center is to taste familiar, even the smallest of the house.
In the center include architectural jewels such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, built over three centuries and covers in one place the various styles ofthe colonial period. Greatest work, Latin America's largest cathedral and one of the most emblematic churches of Christendom in the world.
A few steps from the cathedral are in the National Palace, seat of the Mexican Executive Branch and the City of Mexico City, both facing the city or Zocalo Plaza de la Constitucion, the second largest in the world.
On the street 5 May Tolsá the Plaza, with suchprominent buildings as the National Art Museum and the Palace of Mines, the beautiful Palacio de Correos, reign building style architecture inspired by Venice.
It is in front of the Palace, where we can appreciate one of the most symbolic buildings of the city, the Torre Latinoamericana, the first skyscraper in the city and in its time the tallest building in Latin America, which at its peak has aviewpoint, which allows beautiful prospects of the four corners of the city.
The Historic Center is a place that has great attractions and legends, which have themselves become part of the national heritage, which has led UNESCO to declare as "Cultural Patrimony of Humanity".
Prehispanic Mexico

The background to the Zocalo us back to prehispanic times and since then the site currently occupiedby the plaza and open space was part of the ceremonial center of the capital of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlan.
In the Spanish arrived, they respected part of the trace that it had widened this ancient capital and public space by launching the construction of the Viceroy's Palace (now National Palace) in what had been the palace of Moctezuma II, while was for the construction of the MetropolitanCathedral which was previously part of the Aztec Templo Mayor. The first stone of the cathedral was laid by Hernan Cortes in 1524 in an act of great symbolic significance situated at
the junction of the roads that from the four corners leading to the spiritual center of the Aztec capital.
In the Temple Precinct of converged the most important aspects of political, religious and economic life of theMexica mythology inseparable from their fields, and here took place from the festivities marking the tonalpohualli until the enthronement of chieftains and funerals of old rulers .
The most important figure in the Templo Mayor was the symbolic center of the vast Mexica empire tax net, a place where they gathered the sacred offerings and funerary deposits, a shrine to the deities of war and rain,a symbol of the achievements of the Aztecs to their enemies.
It was built in seven stages and over time the church reached an approximate height of 60 meters
The Mexican people was a good sculptor and people who could make sculptures of all sizes in which they inscribed religious themes or nature. Captured the essence of what they wanted to represent and then performed their works in detail....
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