Risitos de oro en ingles

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One afternoon Goldilocks went to the forest and began to pick flowers. Nearby was a very nice cabin, and as Goldilocks was a very curious girl, approached step by step to the door of thecottage. And pushed.
The door was open. And a table saw.
On the table were three bowls with milk and honey. One, big, another medium, and another little one. Goldilocks was hungry and tested themilk from the bowl more. Ugh! It is very hot!

Then he tried the medium bowl. Ugh! It is very hot! Then he tried the little bowl and it tasted so rich that it took all, all.

There were also inthe house three blue chairs: a chair was great, another chair was medium and one was a baby chair. Goldilocks went to sit in the big chair, but this was very high. Then he sat down in the middle seat,but was too wide. Then he sat down on the little chair, but fell with such force that it broke.

He entered a room that had three beds. One was great, the other was medium, and another little girl.She lay down on the big bed, but found it very hard. Then he lay down on the bed medium, but also died hard.

Then he lay down on the small bed. And so it found its taste, Goldilocks fellasleep.

While Goldilocks asleep, came the owners of the house, which was a family of bears, and came to give his daily walk in the woods while it cooled milk.

One of the Bears was great, and hewore a hat, because he was the father. Another medium used was coping, because it was the mother. The other was a small teddy wearing hat: a hat toddler. The Big Bear shouted loud:

- Has anyone triedmy milk!

Medium Bear growled a little less strong:

- Has anyone tried my milk!

Small Bear crying and said softly:

- They have taken all my milk!

The three bears looked at eachother and did not know what to think. But smaller Bear cried so much that his father wanted to distract him. To achieve this, he said he did not heed, because now they were going to sit on the three...
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