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Was excluded from the world around 200 years ago. In the Edo period (era of the samurai) It was complety restricted; get in or get out fron Japan, and if somebody treated to unwavering, theypaid with their life.
MANGAS/COMICS: For the Japanese it’s very common reading “Mangas”, as we read the news, normally they read it in weekly or monthly magazines with a total between 200 and 900pages. As a multicity manga for the all ages.
A curiosity is that in Japan has a toilet paper with manga printed.
REVERENCE: In Japan you always greet with a reverence, never with other way. By theirclass position the reverence is more or less inclined. From a long time inclined to a samurai showed respect and trust.
MANEKI NEKO: Is a Japanese lucky cat, help spread the cost of January or to findthe love or your life. “Maneki Neko” means which invites you to spend or the greeting. If it has the right leg raised it attracts the prosperity and the money, and if it has the left leg raisedinvites you to spend. According to legend, in the cent XVII, in a poor temple from Tokyo , it lived a priest with his cat, its name was tama. One day it was a terrible storm and in that moment a merchantpassed and took refuge under a tree when the merchant saw the poor temple noticed tama and saw the cat maide signals to approach and while the merchant approached a bolt day the merchant felt gratefuland the priest and tama never felt hungry and miser exists different colors:
-green: home safety
-white: lucky in business
-blue: fulfills the dreams
Red: success in some place
-golden: economy-clack: increase the good luck and the happiness
-pink: choice the correct person for marriage.

HACHIKO: it was a dog by the race ‘’Akita’’ its owner was a school teacher every morning Hachikoaccompanied its owner was returning to work, and that afternoon Hachiko was returning to pick up its owner. One day its owner suffered a attack (in his heart) in his work, so he never returned and...
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