Roman trade

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Trade was a very important resource during all the roman period, particularly for the city of Rome. Really, we can say that Rome was supported in many different ways on trade, because it was anecessity for daily life in Roma. During this time, about one million people were living in the capital of the Roman Empire and if trade doesn´t exist will be impossible that too many people survive livingtogether in these live conditions.
We must remember that the biggest metropolis couldn´t waste a natural resource as important as the land to produce their own food and they will need too manypeople working the land and involved in livestock production to feed all the population of Rome. From an economic point of view, commerce is more attractive for everybody, thanks to it the economicspecialization was possible in the Roman Empire. Not only the food was important, there were others activities that must be carried on in the Empire, such as politics or cultural activities, and these kindof activities were done in Rome and biggest cities. However, the food and sample goods that people needed, arrived by ship to the port from all over the world, or by the roads that they constructed tothe periphery of the metropolis and Rome wasn´t an exception.
Moreover, all this social and economic structure could be destroyed easily if the peace period finished. In the event of a war it´s moreeffective try to isolate Rome than other city, because Rome needs the trade as a vital necessity to survive. So the real consequences for Rome will be worst than in a smaller city with enough naturalresources to feed all the population. When the war between the Roman Empire and the barbarian tribes started, the second ones try to cut off the communications between Rome and the periphery of thecity in order to finish with the trade and Roma hadn´t enough natural resources to survive too much time, it was a measure of pressure toward Rome.
The collapse of the Empire and the decrease of...
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