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British rock group composed Mick Jagger (Dartford, United Kingdom, 1943), Brian Jones (Cheltenham, United Kingdom, 1944-London, 1969), Keith Richards (Dartford, United Kingdom,1943), Bill Wyman (London, 1941) and Charlie Watts (London, 1941). Created in 1962, the Rolling Stones were always presented as a historical rival of The Beatles. Within this comparison, the Stoneswere the most aggressive rock musicians, even when they reached stardom hand of the song I want to be your man, composed by Lennon and McCartney beatles.
In fact, until 1965 the Stones did not start topublish their own songs, like (I can not get no) Satisfaction or Going to a gogo, usually composed by singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards, much more by the rhythm INFU & it's own bluesrock & roll that marked the group of Liverpool. In 1969, Jones died during a holiday. He falls into a pool after having ingested a large quantity of alcohol and his place in the group was at firstoccupied by guitarist Mick Taylor. In 1976, Taylor left the training and was replaced by Ron Wood.
The Rolling Stones are important because of their extraordinary longevity, as in 1964 began his firstconcert tour by United States in 1997 and still held a world tour of presentation of the disc Bridges to Babylon. This, together with its musical quality, made them become real myths of popular music.Apart from his musical side, Mick Jagger has made two films as an actor, Performance (1970), psychedelic film aesthetic in which Jagger shows the chameleon style of his close friend David Bowie, andFreejack (1992). Alongside the huge appreciation that they got from popular worldwide, the Stones received a Grammy for their 1986 musical career in 1989 and were included in the Rock and Roll Hall ofFame.
In 1993, Keith Richards joined the Hall of Fame of composers of songs. In 1994 the American MTV channel gave the group their award in recognition of their artistic career. In addition, in...
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