Science and future expectations

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My Expectations in Science for the Future, on the Individual, Familiarly, Communitarian, and Global.

In the last century science had the highest increase because it started to be applied into allaspects. The fruits and vegetables were modified with science and the materials for every single product on earth as well. Science has changed us in every single way.
Science has brought a lot ofgood things, but it has one defect. It has brought the contamination to the environment, and for real, it’s killing our planet.
The environment had always been damaged by the humans, but after westarted mixing the science developments with our lives, we demanded a lot of products. We have had a lot of good technological products like the cell phone, or computer. The problem is that sciencemake us buy a lot of new stuff because they rapidly are obsolete, so we go to a store, buy the new product and say to the companies, Hey do more of this! Companies produce the new product and make a hugedamage to the environment. But “business is business”, and we have just started realizing with the heat in our cities that we are killing our planet.
Science in the future should be focus, not inproducts for humans; it should be focus to the use of new energies which doesn’t damage the atmosphere. Instead of selling the light, the government should give electric light for free. This is totallypossible because Nicolas Tesla discovered that it is a part of the atmosphere that has this electricity. With free electric light, the electric cars would be a reasonable option for all families.Individually, my expectation for the future is that I’ll use all kind of technological devices to make my planet better. Products that won’t focus on my life, the will focus on the life of mygrandchildren. My family is going to use all kinds of these products I have talked about. My community will be organized and united by families just like my mine, because it’s going to be the only way to...
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