Science And Knowledge Essay

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Science and Knowledge Essay

Knowledge can be described like the learning you can earn after observing, watching or studying an universe phenomenon that you can see in your daily life. It can be from the smallest and simple thing to the biggest and more complicated fact you could describe. Another way to obtain the knowledge of almost any subject can be by the experience of repeatingthe same mistake/success several times and realizing that what you have done can be perjudicial or beneficial for you and to others. A knowledge always has to be true and verified, other way it’s not such a knowledge, it is more like a belief and a belief can be false or close to the truth. But the knowledge isn’t such that easy to obtain, to earn it you have to use your head and think. Sometimesyou have to think more to obtain a clearer and more cleaver concept, but another times you obtain a more general concept about it.
The knowledge is most likely divided in two: the scientific knowledge and the daily knowledge. The scientific one is the one that has more complicated explanations and it must have to be tested and verified. Characteristics of this knowledge could be that you haveto use your meditation about the subject, you need to have some previous knowledge about the topic, you have to acquire the knowledge by a process (can be the scientific method), it can change along the years and the new discovers, it musn’t have to be affected by any non tested theory or fact (like a belief), it has to be based by scientific principles or laws, it must need to be understandableand it has to make sense. Some examples of this type of knowledge can be the speed measure, the time measure, the composition of the elements in the periodic table, between others.
The daily knowledge is the one that doesn’t need hard learning and it doesn’t have to have really difficult explanations. This one is easier and more common than the scientific one because you can use it and obtain italways in your daily life (like it name says). This is given in the majority of the people, but even so you have to use your logic and think. Some examples of this type of knowledge are: you know that an airplane is faster than a car in long distances because you know that the airplane can flight and have more powerful engines than the car. If you arrive to school at car and you leave it in theparking lot, you know that you must arrive earlier because the parking lot is far away from the class room. If your science teacher leaves you homework with due date of 2 days later, you must know that you have to start quickly before your time runs out.
Scientific Method
The scientific method is the most common process used to make new discovers in the scientific world. This method is conformed bysome several steps used to explain, discover, verify and prove a thought caused by a question about an universe phenomenon. This is also the most common way to obtain knowledge about something. The Scientific Method is conformed by 5 simple steps:
1.- The observation of an universe phenomenon: this means that you have to think about a fact or phenomenon present in nature you want to dig in more.2.- Asking of a question about that phenomenon or fact: this refers to after watching or observing this phenomenon, you need to ask questions like what is wrong with this? Or like what could we’ve been missing? It doesn’t need to be necessary those questions but the point is asking yourself things that other persons haven’t asked themselfs yet.
3.- Making of an hypothesis: after you observe thefact or phenomenon of your choice and you asked yourself something about it, you will need to think about an idea to solve the problem.
4.- Experiment and prove your hypothesis: After you formulated your hypothesis, you need to test it to see if it Works.
5.- Making of a Theory, law or a model: If when you tested you hypothesis result that it Works, you need to make a theory, a law or a model...
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