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The picture at the right, believe it or not, shows one of the most common fungi in the world, the Bread Mold Fungus, Rhizopus stolonifer. A few days before the picture wastaken some water accidentally seeped into a package of cornmeal. When I finally opened the package, the cornmeal was spoiled and its surface was covered with the stuff appearing in the upper two-thirdsof the picture. The lower third shows the  grainy cornmeal. The size of the cornmeal granules shows that the picture has been magnified a lot.


The drawing at the left showsa close-up of the asexually reproducing Bread Mold Fungus shown above. The black specks in the upper two-thirds of the picture above are  tiny sporangia (singular, sporangium), also shown at theleft, atop their stemlike sporangiophores. Spores from these sporangia are released, often to be carried away by the wind. If they land in a moist place they may germinate to form branching, white, fuzzystuff called hyphae. All of a fungus's hyphae considered together are known as its mycelium. Special strands of hyphae connecting fungal bodies can be called stolons. Branching rhizoids behave asroots, anchoring the fungus into its substrate, releasing digestive enzymes, and absorbing nutrients for the fungus. After the fungus's hyphae grow awhile, when conditions are right, new sporangiophoresappear in them, new spores  form and are released, the spores germinate, and the whole life cycle repeats, all without sexual reproduction having taken place!


Bread MoldFungus is a member of the Zygomycota. As with other members of the Zygomycota, under certain conditions the hyphae, which come in positive and negative mating strains, come together and form sexualstructures. You can see a diagram of this sexual stage in the Zygomycota section of our Kinds of Fungus page.



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