Separating a mixture

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Separating a mixture

Question: What methods are necessary to separate and retain all components of a mechanical mixture?
Controlled variable: The controlled variable is the amount of the extrasubstance you brought.
Independent variable: amount of chocolate powder.
Dependent variable: is the amount, (ML)
Hypothesis: I hypothesize that the methods that are necessary to separate and retainall components of a mechanical mixture are Filtration, Evaporation, Distillation, Magnetism, paper chromatography, sorting, sifting.
• Small jar with lid• 5ml sugar
• 5 mL table salt
• 5 ml sand
• 25 ml tap water
• 5 ml vegetable oil
• 1 small beaker
• bar magnet
• Paper towel
• 4 thumb tacks
• funnel
• graduatedcylinder
• 4ml hot chocolate powder
1.) Combine the tacks, table salt, sand, chocolate powder, water and oil in the same jar.
2.) Firmly secure the lid to the jar and shake thecontents vigorously.
3.) As a lab team, discuss and determine how to separate and retain all the components of the mixture.
4.) Use the filter paper and the funnel to filter into the beaker.Observations:

-After all the materials were mixed into a mixture. We tried separating the mixture, we tried seperating the mixture using magnetism, we used a bar magnet to get out the tacks. Eventhough it took time we ended up getting out all of the 4 tacks. Next, we poured the liquids out into another container because they are heavier weight. The liquids stayed the same to the human eye,thick and brown. Then, we used a coffee filter, a funnel and the last container to try and filter out the heavier part as in the hot chocolate powders and oil. After a while, it finally filteredthough. The liquid didn’t seem to look any different. We did not expect this because of a strong attraction between the two particles. The filter we noticed had actually caught most of the oils. We knew...
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