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The Gulf is attractive for many reasons. Its oil fields are enormous; it straddles the world's biggest consumer of oil; it's in a politically stable part of the world; and drillers can easily tap into a vast network of pipelines and refineries. Also, despite industry complaints, the cost of royalties, taxes and regulation in the U.S. are among the lowestin the world.


C) IMAGE (look the image in the Appendix 1.3)
1.-Sismic Ships
Fire air guns to create sound waves , which are used to locate oil reservoirs deep below the ocean floor.
2.- A drilling Ship
It moves into position to drill wells several miles deep to the newly discovered oil reserve.
3.- Sea-Floor Fields
Of interconnected wellscollect oil and gas from the reservoirs and feed it through umbilical cords up to the production platform.
4.-The Production Platform
At the surface separates the incoming mixture into oil and natural gas
5.- Export Lines
Along the sea floor deliver oil and natural gas to shore.

B) “The Perdido oil platform”
“Is 200 miles south of Galveston, Texas. Across the Gulf, energy companies areprobing dozens of new deepwater fields thanks to high oil prices and technological advances that finally make it possible to tap them”.
By JONATHAN FAHEY Associated Press
Published: 1/1/2012 2:27 AM

-Perdido pumps the equivalent of 60,000 barrels of oil and natural gas a day.
-Perdido is a 500-foot-tall steel cylinder that sits mostly underwater, serving as a base for the equipment and livingquarters above. It is stuffed with iron ore to lower its center of gravity, keeping the whole operation from bobbing in the water like a cork. The spar is tethered to the sea floor 8,000 feet below with ropes and chains. (see the picture in the appendix 1.2 ).

C) Horiontal openhole extended-interval wellbore from a deepwater tension leg platform (TLP)
New gravel pack tools and procedures weredeveloped to meet the stringent requirements of the proposed scenario and will be discussed.
The successful application of the first extended horizontal openhole gravel packs in the Northern Gulf of US has proven that gravel packing can be successfully applied to extended horizontal wellbores.
“Publisher | :Society of Petroleum Enginee |


Lascompañías Shell y las empresas de participación donde tenemos el control, están obligadas a gestionar la seguridad en línea con nuestros Compromisos y políticas en Salud, Seguridad y Medio Ambiente y Desempeño Social, o políticas materialmente equivalentes. Fijan el alto nivel de nuestras metas y están apoyadas por un grupo de requisitos implementados a lo largo de la compañía en temas de Salud,Seguridad y Medio Ambiente (HSSE por sus siglas en inglés) y Desempeño Social (SP por sus siglas en inglés).

In Mexico and the United States Shell's corporate image is one of the best, because what they are perceive it´s that Shell is providing many benefits to society.
Social investment in Mexico:
a) Casa de la Amistad para Niños con Cáncer
b) Reforestamos México
c) JEMACd) Un Techo para Mi País


Employees have a good corporate image of Shell:
* “I like volunteering because it’s about helping one another,” says the Shell Exploration & Production geophysical technician.

* “Working with Shell Foundation has greatly influenced our approach to social investment in Mexico”. Bertha Angulo (Communications Director ShellMexico).
* It’s 8 a.m. on Monday, January 17 and more than 150 Shell employees are ready to work. But on this special holiday commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King, they’re stepping out of their regular jobs in the energy industry to provide the energy the Houston Food Bank needs to feed thousands of families.

4.1 CHEVRON (is an American multinational energy corporation)....
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