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Skit This body isn’t mine???

Mafer: Ey Pau can you come with me to this store please?
Pau: Yes sure lets go but why are we going to go to thah store? Are you going to buy something?
Mafer : No I need to change this blouse its to big for me and I want my money back
Pau: Ok lets go I go with you
(they enter into the store)
Salesperson: Good morning girls How can I help you??
Mafer: Well weneed to change this blouse its too big for me I want my money back please
Salesperson: Uhmm Do you bring your receipt?
Mafer: Yes sure take it now i want my oney back
Salesperson: Ok give me 5 minutes and i would tell you what are we going to do with this Ok?
Mafer: But be fast please I don’t hahe enough time
(Salesperson goes out)
Pau: Uhmm it its gonna be too slow
Mafer: Yeah you’reright ( Doing faces) Ey Pau check that earring over there tey are pretty
Pau: Yeah but they are too expensive they are $450 dollars
Mafer: We will take them (She takes it)
Pau: You are a …..
Mafer: Shhh here it comes tthe guy
Salesperson: Sorry lady I can’t do anything for you because you bought it with a debit card and we dont do changes with this cards sorry but you can …..
Mafer: Nooo itsall right let’s go Pau we are happy now
(She lets an earring on the floor)
Marcus: Ohh my lucky day I found an earring yeah hey James come to see this
James: What is it? Pff come on an earring its better if we go to see the match today play Lions vs America come on
Marcus: But I will wear the earring
( Mafer y Pau in a party)
Pau: Hey Mafer are you having fun?
Mafer: Yes but I haveheadache and I feel different I dont know its like if I weren’t me
Pau: You look bad Lets take a sit and take a rest
(In the other side, watching the Tv were Marcus and James)
James: Nooo man America almost mades a gol
Marcus: (Like sad) Well lets go America
James: What happen? Are you ok? You look different
Marcus: I have stomachache I dont’t feel good man …..
(Marcus and Mafer faint)
Pau:Mafer, Mafer wake up its not funny
James: Marcus man?? Don’t kidding me guy
(Marcus and Mafer wake up)
Pau: Fiuu Mafer you scared me
Mafer: Who are you?
Pau: Im your friend Paulina
Mafer: Did I meet you?
Pau: You are a slow girl daa
Mafer: Girl??? What???
(In the other side Marcus wakes up)
James: Man you were crazy how you can do that?
Marcus: Hello handsome guy
James: Hey hey take iteasy I am not that kind of guys
Marcus: Can you tell me where is my friend Pau?
James: Who??? You’re drunk
Marcus: Hey where am I? And where is my ….??? Nooooo
Mafer: I am not Mafer I am Marcus your classmate
Pau: You’re crazy Mafer
Mafer: I’m not Mafer I am Marcus You have to help me
James: Take it easy Maybe you just need to sleep
Marcus: Noo I am Mafer you don’t understand it doesn’tenter in your little head
James: Ok yes you’re Mafer Oh noo Mafer from our classroom??
Marcus: Yes that one
James: It means that Marcus is in your body??
Marcus: Probably
Pau: Ok lets go to your house Mafer noo Marcus excuse me
Mafer: Ok let’s go problably James and Marcus are there
(In Jame’s House)
Marcus: What am I doing there??
Mafer: Give me my body back
James: (to Pau) Hey Pau thistwo are pretty crazy really???
Pau: Yes But how Can we help them?
Marcus: Don’t touch me Marcus
Mafer: I touch what I want
Marcus: Ahhh Pau help me he is touching me
James: Shh let’s think what did you do all the day??
Mafer: I was with you we saw you know ….
James: Shhh okok I understand and what about you Marcus??? Excuse me Mafer
Marcus: We exchange a blouse in a store and we went toa party
James: Just?
Marcus: Yes just
Pau: Noo she stole earrings in that store
Marcus: Shhh gossipy ok yes I stole them but i just wore one I lost the other one
James: Marcus you found an strange earring in the mall
Mafer: Yes and I wore it
James: That maybe exchange your bodies give the earrings
Marcus: Take them
James: How can we try this earrings???
Mafer: What about if you and...
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