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Scene 1: Cemetery. Lucy’s funeral. (Music)

Scene 2: London Street.
(Mina and Jonathan are walking along the path)
Jonathan: (Shocked) My God!
Mina: What is wrong?
Jonathan: Do you see who it is?
Mina: No, dear. Who is it?
Jonathan: It is the Count himself! But he has grown young! Oh, my God! My God! If only I knew! If only I knew!
(They walk and sit down while Mina tries to comfort him.After a moment, Jonathan falls asleep with his head on Mina’s shoulder)
(Jonathan wakes up, startled)
Jonathan: I’m sorry, dear. I must have fallen asleep.
Mina: It’s okay. Let’s go.

Scene 3: Van Helsing’s room
Van Helsing: (Writing a letter to Mina) Dear Madam, I pray you to pardon my writing, in that I am so far friend as that I sent to you sad news of Miss Lucy Westenra's death. By thekindness of Lord Godalming, I am empowered to read her letters and papers, for I am deeply concerned about certain matters vitally important. In them I find some letters from you, which show how great friends you were and how you love her. Oh, Madam Mina, by that love, I implore you, help me.

Scene 4: Mina’s house
Mina: (Reading Van Helsing’s letter) It is for others' good that I ask—toredress great wrong, and to lift much and terrible troubles—that may be more great than you can know. May it be that I see you? You can trust me. I am friend of Dr. John Seward and of Lord Godalming (that was Arthur of Miss Lucy). I must keep it private for the present from all. I should come to Exeter to see you at once if you tell me I am privilege to come, and where and when. I implore your pardon,madam. I have read your letters to poor Lucy, and know how good you are and how your husband suffers; so I pray you, if it may be, enlighten him not, lest it may harm. Again your pardon, and forgive me.
Van Helsing: (voice in the background) Van Helsing.

Scene 5: London Street
Van Helsing: (Reading telegram) Come to-day by quarter-past ten train if you can catch it. Can see you any time youcall.

Scene 6: Mina’s house
(Van Helsing enters)
Van Helsing: Mrs. Harker? (Mina nods) That was Miss Mina Murray? (Mina nods again) It is Mina Murray that I came to see, that was friend of that poor dear child Lucy Westenra. Madam Mina, it is on account of the dead I come.
Mina: Sir, you could have no better claim on me than that you were a friend and helper of Lucy Westenra. (Mina holds outher hand and Van Helsing takes it)
Van Helsing: Oh, Madam Mina, I knew that the friend of that poor lily girl must be good, but I had yet to learn…
Van Helsing: I have read your letters to Miss Lucy. Forgive me, but I had to begin to enquire somewhere, and there was none to ask. I know that you were with her at Whitby. She sometimes kept a diary. You need not look surprised. It was begun afteryou left, and was in imitation of you. In that diary she traces by inference certain things to a sleep-walking in which she puts down that you saved her. In great perplexity then I come to you, and ask you out of your so much kindness to tell me all of it that you can remember.
Mina: I can tell you all about it, I think.
Van Helsing: Oh! So you have good memory for facts, for details. It is notalways so with young ladies.
Mina: Wait. (She stands up and leaves the room)
(Mina enters)
Van Helsing: "Oh, Madam Mina, I will be grateful; you will do me much favor. May I read it?
(Mina hands the journal to him and a smile tugs at the corner of her lips)
Van Helsing: (Surprised and confused, he laughs) Oh! You so clever woman! I knew long that Mr. Jonathan was a man of much thankfulness;but see, his wife have all the good things. And will you not so much honor me and so help me as to read it for me? Alas! I know not the shorthand.
Mina: (Mina stands and leaves again, then she enters with a stack of papers in her hand) Forgive me, I could not help it. I wrote it in typewriter for you. (She gives the papers to Van Helsing and sits)
Van Helsing: You are so good. Can I read it now?...
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