Soldadura Mig

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Gas metal arc (MIG)
Joining: welding, fusion, arc
The process
Gas metal arc (MIG) welding is a heavy-duty welding processes (together with MMA and TIG). Theelectrode here is a bare wire, with no flux. The flux is replaced by a stream of inert gas, which surrounds the arc formed between the consumable wire electrode and the component; the wire is advancedfrom a coil as the electrode is consumed. The real advantages over torch welding are that there is no flux or slag, giving a cleaner weld - and that it can be automated. But there is a penalty:because the process needs gas, it is more expensive and less portable. None the less, MIG is considered to be the most versatile of all arc welding processes, allowing the welding of most ferrous andnon-ferrous alloys in a wide range of thicknesses and all welding positions.

Process schematic
Materials to be joined
Metals True
Joint geometry
Lap True
Butt True
Sleeve True
Scarf TrueTee True
Recommended loading
Tension True
Compression True
Shear True
Bending True
Torsion True
Peeling True
Physical attributes
Range of section thickness 1 - 12 mmTolerance 0.8 - 5 mm
Accessibility by one side True
Electrically conductive True
Thermally conductive True
Watertight/airtight True
Process characteristics
Discrete True
Economic attributes
Set-up time 0.3 - 1 hr
Time before handling 100 - 1e3 s
Relative equipment costing 3 - 10
Labor intensity low
Cost modeling
Capital cost4.71e3 - 4.71e4 USD
Tooling cost 377 - 1.89e3 USD
Supporting information
Design guidelines
If you want high quality welds in aluminum, magnesium, titanium, stainless steel or even mild steel,MIG welding is the process to choose. It is best for fillet welds though an adaptation - MIG spot welding - and lends itself well to lap joints. Distortion by thermal expansion is minimized by...
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