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In Soriana we care about the health and safety of our customers and partners. For this reason, take care that all our operations carried out in compliance with trade laws health and safety asprovided by law. In the same Thus, work to keep clean environment, ensuring compliance with the laws. It is the responsibility of Soriana and ensure that all employees these laws are respected at all times.In addition, should seek to maintain a safe working space and healthy. This includes verifying that all a department staff know the location of emergency exits, that materials and objects that can bedangerous, as heavy boxes or sharps, are stored in safe places, and denounce Call your witness or higher when know that a law is not being respected.
Concerned about the environment, Sorianaconstantly supports the community and the environment through various projects such as those found in this section.
DEGRADABLES2 BIO1 Exchange: A Commitment to the Environment.
In Soriana are proud to bethe first and only self-service chain to develop and bring to you the bags 100% BIO1 DEGRADABLES2.
A biodegradable bag is one that has a lifetime less than that of a common fund. Its advantages: ithas the same strength, appearance and quality as the ones used before, but is manufactured with special additives or natural materials that make, within a period of 12-24 months, fragments benign to theecosystem.
With the bags BIO1 DEGRADABLES2, Soriana make use of advanced technologies, without sacrificing the convenience we provide to millions of customers every day. So every time you visitSoriana, not only carry products from the highest quality for you and your family, you will also be taking another step to save our environment!
DEGRADABLES2 The traditional T-type -Roll (30 X 40 X 40and 50)

The campaign will tour places in the north, south and central China, in order that families can live together in a unique and memorable event full of diverse activities, including the...
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