Soy linda

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My father is called Luís Alejandro Rodríguez Obando he was born in Chiquinquirá (Boyacá)
My mother is called Guillermina Rocha Ángel she was born in Buenavista (Boyacá)They were known in the since hospital both they worked there, they lasted four years of boyfriends and they decided to marry.
Of this union Anyela, Claudia, Yolanda, Eduardo and I were born.
Welive in the central neighborhood in a house of two floors built by my uncles and my potato.
When my brother was born Eduardo my he suckles he/she will operate for not having but children but theone prescribes he said that it passed the diet first, he recovered and there is if it was operated, she paid him attention to the I prescribe and you doesn't operate, the time and two years I happenlater I am again in pregnancy, nine months passed and I was born the first of December of thousand nine hundred ninety and one.
My first words were teat, tete, suckles and potato. When I turned threeyears they baptized me, they celebrated me my baptism with my bigger sister's fifteen years, in all the alone pictures he/she cried and he/she cried because I didn't like them, but when I was growingI didn't get lost none.
When I turned five years he/she enters to study in the School Normal Superior with the teacher Saturia, the first day of class my he/she suckles me I take and I leave myselfin the living room, I began to cry and all the children looked at me, the teacher consoled me and she gave me but trust, little by little get used and I got friends, with which it played and itshared. My primary one and it leaves of the high school he/she carries out it in this same school.
They are very vague I loved to play but like I am the minor, my sisterswere already big and they didn't play with I crumb.
In vacations my cousins from Bogotá came from visit and he/she took advantage to play, we left for the property during one week and there we made...
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