Spanish Influence On America

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How did Spanish influenced on the Americas? Before the Spanish men colonized native Americas they used to be polytheistic and believe on the god sun, rain, earth, and nature. WhenChristopher Columbus arrived to America he brought with him catholic priests to spread Christianity. Christian convertors prohibited the native rituals and burned their sacredobjects. Spanish built a capital called “Santa Fe” or holly faith that was the beginning of advancing the catholic religion. They obliged Native Americans to build churches andbelieve in God and Jesus if they rebelled they’d be killed.
When Spanish an natives started to interact between the two races they started to mix and reproduce among. The offspring ofa Native American and a Spaniard was called a “mestizo”. At the beginning there was a few mestizos because Spanish did not like “Indians” since they were racist and felt superiorfor no reason. A long time the two races mixed a lot and now a days most people in America is mestizo. Mestizos were not only a mixture of the two races but also of the twocultures. Mestizos lost a big part of native culture and long generations it was almost lost at all. Today there is not much left of the Native American culture. Mestizos do not speak theNative American language, do not practice their religion and neither do they follow their traditions.
At the time America was colonized there were new things that were broughton the Spanish ships. They brought disease like smallpox, which killed millions of Native Americans. Spanish also brought with them animals like horses, dogs, cows, sheep, rats andchicken. The cows provided all the dairy products and meat. More foods like wheat, bread, corn, and beer were brought from Spain. This changed the diversity of food on America.
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