The mass media have a great influence on people

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The Mass Media have a great influence on people

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APRIL 28, 2011

How much influence mass media has on people? When questioned about it, my grandmother responded quickly: "In any way, because I do not pay attention to it". But after spending the whole day with her, I noticed that even when she does notrealized it, the mass media really has a strong influence on her. And it is that influence from the mass media, constantly changing people’s lifestyles, choices, and even their spending and consumption habits as well as the public opinion. Some mass media uses this influence in a positive and informative way, but in most cases they used it in a way to benefit from public opinion.

The basicprinciples of communication indicate that their role should be to educate, inform and persuade. So, based on these principles, mass media has to accept the fact that they do really influence people in a great manner. And you probably have heard how responsible the internet and television are on the informal education that our children and youth are expose to. That's why many times we hear criticsabout the poor television programs scheduled intended for our children and youth. You will find it also hard to understand, when commercial television in Puerto Rico presents programs such as, "Laura", "12 Corazones", "Mujeres Asesinas", among others, ready to be viewed by our children when they returned home from school. As for the Internet, parents at home are constantly looking for ways tobanned or block their children to access unwanted web sites. That’s on the negative side, in the positive side we have to recognized that the media doe's have the means and the power by providing the right concept to carry a message that is educational. Public television and public radio, in their schedule programs provide it, as well as the newspapers and the internet can also provide it withsections dedicated to science and technology, among others.

The world culture is constantly reflecting the changes generated to them by the media influence. This media effect on the world is leading the countries to evolved on the way they speak and dress, wich music they listened to, what they eat, etc. In the language department I've seen how popular phrases extracted from the media have becomepopular and inserted into our daily wordlingo, some examples can be: "¿Que es lo que pasa aquí?", "Estas bregando Chicky Starr", "Arroz que carne hay". Also we have adapted words and changed our accents for what is presented and brought to us by the communications media. By the diversity of television channels, internet sites, and other forms of media and communications our dictionary andpornunctuation evolves with the different accents that we are expose when we watch the soup operas from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Brasil, in the most part. From the english speaking sources we tend to mix or substitute words creating the so called Span-glish. Even advertising campaigns in the media have made us to use a brand name to call a product, an article, a car, or even a the food weeat. And is also the media that provides us access to Milan's Fashion world, or the most recent from Fifth Avenue in New York, while we celebrtate the most recent success from crossover singers and artist such as, Spanish David Bisbal, Colombian Shakira or New York's March Anthony, to name a few.

Weather we like it or not, is the media that dictate's who we are going to choose to governus. David Buckingham said in 2004 that: "The media shape's public tastes and trends of all ages, build's the agenda of the topics that are discussed daily and have even changed the ways of governing and politics". We must be clear that it is through what it is said in the media that we tend to audit the work of government and politicians during their four years in power and it is also through...
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