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Spelling Bee Definitions and Sentences
1) DAMAGE: To harm something physically so that it is broken or spoiled or injured.
There was a lot of damage to the car after the accident.
2) GENTILE: Concerning religions and cultures that are not Jewish
The Rabbi considered my faith to be gentile.
3) PALACE: A very large building, especially oneused for the home of the royal family, president or important religious leader.
The palace where the Queen lives is called Buckingham palace.
4) COTTAGE: A small house usually in a village or countryside.
We are going to the cottage at the lake on the weekend.
5) MESSAGE: A piece of written or spoken information that you send to someone, especially when you cannot speak to them directly.
Hesent me an e mail message about the spelling bee yesterday.
6) MODIFY: To change something slightly, especially in order to improve it or make it less extreme.
I had to modify my speech to make it fit within 5 minutes.
7) GLIMPSE: An occasion when you see someone or something for a moment only.
I caught a glimpse of the game yesterday.
8) STRICT: Someone who is strict has definite rules thatthey expect people to obey completely.
Wow she really has a strict classroom.
9) FANTASTIC: Informal extremely good or pleasant
It’s a fantastic view from here.
10) DIGNITY: The impressive behaviour of someone who controls their emotions in a difficult situation.
He held is head high with dignity after the messy situation in his department.
11) PROPERTY: Things especially valuable thingsowned by someone.
This land is my property.
12) CANNON: A large powerful gun used in the past that shot large metal balls.
They used the cannon to weaken the enemy before they attacked.
13) SERVANT: Someone whose job is to cook, clean or do other work in someone else’s home.
The servants will take care of the daily household chores.
14) MARGIN: the space at the left or right of the page wherewords are usually not printed.
Please put the numbers in the margin to mark your work.

15) PERHAPS: Used for saying that you are not certain about something or that something may or may not be true.
Perhaps what they were saying were all lies.
16) IGNORE: To not consider something or not let it influence you.
You should try toignore her comments even though the were insulting.
17) ATTORNEY: A lawyer especially one who represents people in court.
I had to see my attorney on my legal case against her.
18) BARGE: A long flat boat used on rivers and canals.
The barge is used to carry garbage along the river to the dump.
19) CORRIDOR: A long passage inside a building with doors.
I walked down the corridor to get to thewashroom.
20) ARTISTIC: relating to any form of art.
This painter is very artistic.
21) FIERCE: Involving very strong feelings such as determination anger or hate.
His anger was very fierce towards his class.
22) PERCEIVE: To understand or think about something in a particular way.
He was perceived to be a very rude and ignorant person but was not.
23) PRESERVE: to take care of a place orbuilding in order to prevent it from being harmed or destroyed.
They fought hard to preserve Maple Leaf Gardens from being torn down.
24) SOLDIER: Someone who is a member of an army.
The soldiers fought bravely to free their country from oppression.
25) DECEIT: Dishonest behaviour intended to trick someone.
This was all a deceit to trick me into believing this all out lie.
26) PERCEPTION: Aparticular way of thinking about something or someone.
He did not have a very good perception of you when he met you.
27) VEGETABLE: An edible plant such as carrots broccoli.
My mom asked me to eat all my vegetables.
28) PREFERABLE: More appropriate or useful than something else.
I have a more preferable means of transportation.
29) RECTANGLE: A shape with four sides and four 90º angles....
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