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Chapter 1 The girl and the spider
Peter Parker lived next door to Mary Jane Watson (MJ). They went to the same school. Peter liked MJ a lot, but he never told her. She already had a boyfriend. Hisname was Flash. He was good-looking and he was the school’s top football player. One day their class went to the Columbia Genetic Research Institute*. Peter was late. He ran behind the bus, then at lastit stopped. He was red and hot and everyone laughed at him. As Peter walked down the bus, Flash put his foot out. Peter crashed to the floor. Everyone laughed louder. The bus arrived at theInstitute. Harry Osborn wasn’t on the bus. He arrived in a big car – a Rolls Royce – with his father and a driver. Harry was new to the school and he wasn’t good at science. Peter was fantastic at science andhe often helped Harry. They were good friends. ‘Peter, this is my father,’ said Harry. ‘Ah, the great scientist!’ said Norman Osborn. ‘I’m a scientist too. Your mother and father must be happy!’ saidMr Osborn. ‘I live with Uncle Ben and Aunt May,’ said Peter. ‘Yes, they are happy.’ ‘Hey, you two!’ called the teacher, ‘Let’s go!’

‘There are 32,000 different spiders in the world,’ she said, ‘… andthese. These fifteen spiders are special. We took the best bits from three different spiders and put them together.’ ‘There are only fourteen,’ said MJ. ‘Oh,’ said the woman. ‘Maybe someone is doingsome work on Number 15.’ Peter took some photos of MJ with the spiders for the school newspaper.

‘Ow! What was that?’ he thought. The back of his hand was red. And there on the floor was … a spider.The spider! Spider Number 15. ‘Parker, let’s go!’ said the teacher.

Chapter 2 The special gas
Norman Osborn arrived at OsCorp*. Important buyers were there that day. First they looked at Osborn’s newglider. The glider worked beautifully. But the buyers
* Mr Osborn’s big scientific workplace 7

A woman took the class to see some spiders.
* A science school – part of Columbia University 6...
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