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Conditional Exercise 7
Future Real Conditional
Correct! Well done.
Your score is 100%.
Principio del formulario
I am not sure what I am going to do when I (graduate) graduate, but I do know I want to travel. I am probably going to work at my father's restaurant for a few months during the summer. When I (have) have enough money, I (go) am going to go to Europe to visit some friendsI met while studying.

I have always wanted to visit Europe. I especially want to visit Sweden. If I (get) get to go to Sweden, I (stay) am going to stay with my friend Gustav. His family has a house on an island in a lake near Stockholm. I am sure we (spend) will spend a few days on the island if weather conditions (allow) allow.

I am not sure what other countries I will visit. If it (be)is not too expensive, I (spend) will spend a couple of days in Paris sightseeing. If I (go) go to Paris, I (climb) will climb the Eiffel Tower, (take) take a boat tour of the Seine, and (photograph) photograph daily life in the Latin Quarter.
Final del formulario
Conditional Exercise 8
Future Real Conditional / Future Unreal Conditional
Correct! Well done.
Your score is 100%.Principio del formulario
Researchers are visiting Loch Ness next week to see if they can find signs of the Loch Ness Monster. I seriously doubt they will find anything. If they did actually manage to find something, I am sure they (become) would become world famous.

2. I am going to go to California next week on business. If I have enough time, I (visit) will visit my friends in LosAngeles.

Sally has always been interested in pre-Columbian cultures. When she (go) goes to Mexico, she (visit) is going to visit Chichen Itza, the most famous Mayan site in the Yucatan.

4. We are driving from Las Vegas to Death Valley next week by way of Pahrump, a town located on the edge of the infamous Area 51. Area 51 is well known for its UFO sightings. If I (see) see anyaliens, I will be sure to take a picture for you. Just kidding!

5. I am afraid I won't be able to come to your wedding next week because my company is sending me to New York to attend a trade show. I (miss, never) would never miss your wedding if I (have) had a choice in the matter.

6. I (interpret) would interpret for you at the conference tomorrow if I (be) were not already scheduled towork at the UN. I have a friend who (do) will do it for you if she (be) is not busy. Why don't I give her a call to see what her schedule is like.

7. The mountain climbing team (attempt) is going to attempt to conquer Mount Everest next month if the weather conditions (be) are suitable. I (join) would join them in the ascent if I (can) could. Unfortunately, I broke my leg last month whiletraining in Alaska.

8. If Sarah (go) goes to university, she (be) will be the first person in her family to get an advanced education. She has applied to many schools, but she really wants to go to MIT. If she (get) gets accepted to the university, she (move) is going to move to Boston to study astrophysics.

9. If mankind (do) does not do something about the destruction of the rain forest,global warming (cause) is going to cause dramatic changes in weather conditions all over the world.

Even if they managed to convince him to run for president in the next election, he (be, never) would never be elected. His ideas are too dramatic and unconventional to be accepted by the mainstream. Conditional Exercise 9
Continuous Conditional Forms
Correct! Well done.
Yourscore is 100%.
Principio del formulario
They canceled all the flights out of Chicago today because of the blizzard. If it (snow, not) were not snowing so hard, I would not be stuck in the airport.

Charles arrived late again to work yesterday. He came running into the office complaining of car problems, but everyone knew it was a lie. If the boss (stand) had been...
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