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Engineering Specification
JOINT DESIGN Surfacing 1. Clean steel surfaces to be dressed free from corrosion or other foreign matter. Grit-blasting with Garnet (Grade 30/60) is the preferred method, but grinding with an abrasive wheel is also acceptable. A sandblasted surface is difficult to tin. Inspect all parts before they are repaired. Before applying crushed carbide, any alloy steel or casingmaterial that MIGHT be come in contact with the brass matrix MUST be protected by applying barrier powder per spec ES5.39376. Cover the body surface between any mild steel blades, and on the body OD two to three inches beyond the ends of the blades. Mild steel blades should be coated as well. Arrange the working area so that the tool is positioned for backhand welding and secure the tool in asuitable turning fixture, if possible (See ES5.06562 for technique). Preheat tool slowly to 600-800°F (315-425°C); maintain minimum 600°F (315°C). DO NOT HEAT THREADED TOOL JOINTS ABOVE 800°F (425°C) AS THIS WILL WEAKEN THEM. Check frequently with Tempilstik or thermometer to control temperature. Select one of the processes in table below. Note the propylene fuel gas is limited to dressing mildsteels with no barrier powder applied. Use a spoon or spatula to dust the surface to be dressed with brazing flux. The flux used for crushed carbide dressing must meet AWS FB3-J classification with active temperature range between 1600- 2200°F such as Harris 600 white flux. The brazing flux will bubble and boil if the work piece is sufficiently hot. The flux will help prevent and remove oxidation fromthe metal surface during dressing and ensure good bonding of carbide dressing with the metal. The flux also aid fluidity of the braze alloy and prevent overheating of the metal. CAUTION: Make certain that the working area is well ventilated so that the gases generated from both the flux and filler rod are carried off and away from the welder. The gases generated are toxic and prolonged inhalationmay produce nausea and sickness. The welder must wear face shield and gloves during application.

2. BASE METALS 1018-26, A36, 41XX, 43XX, N-80 and P105 API Casing 3.

CONSUMABLES/FILLER MATERIALS WC/Cu alloy composite rod and RBCuZnD filler rod



PREHEAT / POSTHEAT Pre heat temp: 600-800°F (315-425°C) Post heat temp: None Required

6. 7.



Filler Metal Type WC/Cu alloy composite rod and RBCuZn-D filler rod, per drawing Size, in (mm)

Fuel Gas

Pressure, psi (kPa) Oxygen Fuel 5 to 12

Flame Type

Tip Size

Flux Harris 600 White or AWS FB3-J equivalent with active temperature range between 16002200°F

Acetylene Per Drawing Propylene

35 to 45 35 to 50OFW

Neutral 2 to 9 as See Note Required 8 10 to 15

Date: Drawn: P.O. Box 60068 Houston, Texas 77205 This drawing and data embody proprietary information which is the confidential property of Schlumberger and which shall not be copied, reproduced, disclosed to others, or used in whole or in part for any purpose, without the express written permission of Schlumberger. This drawing is loaned inconfidence with the understanding that it shall be returned on demand. Approved: N M L K Revision

Oct 19, 1993 Index PD JRM GR-82298 GR-81574 GR-75091 GR-70024 ECO

ES5, HMW, FO Welding Specification

Apr 9, 2012 Mar 29, 2012 Aug 9, 2011 Feb 15, 2011 Date

R McConnell L Schmerling J Chen R McConnell Initiated By SPEC. NO. ES5.39051 Dressing Milling Tools with Crushed Carbide

Revisionbar in margin indicates the latest revision. 1 of 2


Select appropriate torch tips as required – use larger tip when dressing larger areas, and smaller tip for smaller areas and tight corners. Use neutral flame. When using acetylene, the torch flame is adjusted to a low pressure neutral flame, one in which the light blue excess-acetylene feather just disappears (See ES5.06561 for flame...
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