Taking opinions

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Name: Carlos Telleria Garcia | Student´s number: 2614823 |
Course title: English VI | Teacher’s name: Ricardo del Rosario Huitzil |
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Date: November 11 2011 |Team: |

Spiritual Renewal

Content Objective:
This essay will mention how to offer a different opinion or defend one already stated; when a person is defending or offering an opinion hemust state his point of view and explain it as much as possible in order to have a real and fundament statement. Also this essay will identify how to restate an idea in other words and how to giveyour own point of view.

Language Objective:
This essay will identify the difference in pronunciation of words that come from the same etymology and root, all these words are named vowel alternationthis is the internal vowel alternations that produce such related words but you have to notice that they doesn’t have the same pronunciation.

As we can see in the dictionary themeaning of restate is to state or affirm again or in a new way. When restating the first thing you need to do is identify the main idea and then tell them in your own words, also you can add your ownopinion based on the main idea. In the order hand we will also talk about discussing and giving our own opinion without making controversy.

Talking about restate is not talking aboutcopying the other person ideas, in order to restate is to focus on the idea, detect the main idea of the text and then tell them in your own words, when you are restating a speech, you can adjust theperspective of the statement like the verb tense, the adverb and to make it easy you can optionally include the word “that” in order to introduce the statement. This is the main importance about restate.People use restate commonly when they are making a research or investigation, many students do also restate to avoid plagiarism but we need to understand that restate is the same as paraphrase;...
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