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I. In the box below find
Attractive beautiful best dull efficient important impressive lively modern officialtraditional ugly worst
a) Four pairs of opposite adjectives
1. ________________________________________
2. ________________________________________
4. ________________________________________
b) Five adjectives which have an opposite adjective beginning with the prefix -un or -in.

1. __________________________
3. __________________________
4. _________________________
5. _________________________

II. Complete the sentences with the simple past of the IRREGULAR VERBS from thebox below.
bite blow catch choose cling deal fall feel fly freeze hold lead lose mean pay quit ringseek shed shoot spend spin split sting strike swim upset weave weep
1. A bee _________ me on the hand while I wasworking in the garden.
2. Arthur _________ out all of the candles on his birthday cake.
3. As she stood, she _________ the table, and everything on top of it fell to the floor.
4. Douglas ______ theoutside of his pocket to make sure his wallet was still there.
5. Dr. Perez _________ ten hours in the operating room performing delicate surgery.
6. Each year as the snake grew larger, it formed anew skin and _________ its old skin.
7. Everyone in Ali’s family has a special skill. His sister __________ that beautiful carpet.
8. I _________ when I heard the tragic news. Everyone elsecried too.
9. I broke a tooth when I _________ into a piece of hard candy.
10. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh ________ from New York to Paris in 33 hours and 30 minutes. How long does it take today on an...
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