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The following document will walk you through setting up your new USB Receipt Printer purchasedfrom Coral Springs Software. Though the instructions may seem long, this is because it outlines each and every click you will make. Do not be intimidated by its length - If you can use a mouse and akeyboard, you can follow this document! Do not plug in the printer until instructed to do so!

1) Go to www.healthclubsoftware.net

2) Click on Tech Support, and then Click on Downloads on the left.3) On the Downloads page, look for “SP500 USB Receipt Printer Drivers” and click “Download Now”.

4) Click Run.

5) A Security Warning may pop up, this is OK, click Run.

6) A Prompt for theStar USB Receipt Printer Driver will display, click OK.

7) Click Unzip.

8) Plug the Receipt Printer into an available USB port.

9) When the “Found New Hardware Wizard” displays, choose“Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”

10) Choose “Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install.”

11) Click “Have Disk”

12) When the “Install from Disk” window displays, click“Browse”

- Click in the “Look in:” field at the top
- Click on “My Computer”
- Double click on “Local Disk (C:)”
- Double click on “temp”
- Double click on “StarUSB”
- Click Open

13) ClickOK

14) Choose “Star SP512 Line Mode Printer” from the Printers List

15) Click Next

16) A prompt will display stating that the driver has not passed Windows Logo testing. This is OK,click “Continue Anyway”

17) Wait for the drivers to install, this may take a few minutes.

18) Click Finish

19) Good job, you have successfully installed the drivers. Now we just need toconfigure the printer to work with QuikCheK.

20) Open QuikCheK

21) Login with your user name and password, and then click on Setup

NOTE: If you do not have sufficient security...
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