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What Is Anorexia?
Anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by extreme weight loss and lack of eating.  Anorexics may also exercise obsessively.  People with anorexia may also have bulimia, adisorder in which they make themselves vomit after eating in order to avoid gaining weight.  Anorexia affects many more women than men.  It is a very serious condition and can result in death if it isnot treated properly.
Treating anorexia nervosa is difficult because it is such a complex disorder.  It is a mental illness, but also involves serious medical complications, including:
*(Low blood pressure).
* (a slow heartbeat).
* Irregular heartbeats.
* Anemia.
* Gastro-intestinal problems.
What Is Anorexia Caused By?Anorexics often have a distorted body image and believe they are fat when in truth they are severely underweight.  Some think anorexia is caused in part by our society, which places a strong value on beingthin.  The media bombards us with images of thin models and tells us thin is beautiful.  Weight loss products are heavily marketed.  Even young girls often believe they need to loose weight and go ondiets.
People with anorexia often feel out of control of things in their lives.  Controlling their food intake gives them a feeling of control.
Anorexia is a response to a complex mix of cultural,social, familial, psychological, and biological influences unique to each person
While the culture of thinness in which we live is certainly an influential factor in the development of anorexia,BEHAVIOR AS A PERSON Anorexic
*Be overly concerned with weight and figure.
*Leer fonéticamenteDistorted body image, although this too thin, is still seeing and feeling fat
*He panics and food aversion*Get nervous when it comes time to eat
* It has a terrible fear of becoming fat
*Exercising obsessively
Misuse of laxatives and diuretics to prevent weight gain
Weighed every day and even...
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