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Born in Oaxaca, Mexican painter whose style combines popular songs with indigenous art forms of European art such as cubism. His work evolved from a small painting (with a color insensitive to thePost-Impressionist influences) to a much brighter chromaticism in the service of social issues. Tamayo also recovered easel painting, which combined with the mural of a social nature, such as TheRevolution (1938, National Museum of Anthropology), after which he moved to New York. In works such as Women of Tehuantepec (1939, Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo, New York), provides strong andmonumental figures of Mexican folk art in a subtle and complex composition inspired by French cubism. His work enjoyed international recognition, which resulted in orders for large wall decorations as homageto the race (1952), in Paris or Mexico today (1953, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico). Wall was followed as America (1956, Southwest Bank, in Houston), the largest project that ran, and the new UNESCObuilding in Paris made Prometheus (1958) and, subsequently, Total Eclipse (1977). In 1943 Tamayo made his first completely abstract work, Nature and the Artist (Collection Smith College,Northampton, Massachusetts). Many of his subsequent works in the 1950's developed this tendency toward abstraction combined with a highly emotional and violent style. Tamayo was a connoisseur of pre-Hispanicart and in 1974 donated his magnificent collection of pieces from this period to his hometown. In Mexico City is the museum that bears his name and opened in 1981. This is one of the centers of moderncontemporary art world in showcasing works of over 150 international artists. The donation of the museum and almost its entire art collection to the people of Mexico represented one of the greatestsatisfactions for the painter and graphic artist. In addition to his monumental works, Tamayo permanence lies in the beauty of the portraits he painted of his wife Olga and sensuality aroused his...
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