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Nice to Meet You

HELPFUL TIP: When you meet new world friends, try using expressions like "Oh really?", "How interesting!" or "No kidding!" in a genuine way to show you are interested in them.CONSEJO ÚTIL: Cuando conoces a nuevos amigos del mundo, pruebe a utilizar expresiones como "¿De veras?", "Qué interesante!" o "no me digas!" de manera genuina para mostrar que está interesado en ellos.I can't keep ___________ everyone's name.
What's your _________?
My mother __________ full time as a teacher at an elementary school.
My job is very hard, but __________.
I was born in New York,but I __________ in San Francisco.

grew up
Introduce yourself to three other people in your class including information on your nationality, family, school,work, and hobbies.
Preséntese a otras tres personas en su clase incluyendo información sobre su nacionalidad, familia, escuela, trabajo y pasatiempos.

Teacher: Oh, hi. What was your name again. Ican't keep straight all the students' names this being the second day of school.
Student: It's okay. I have a hard time remembering names myself.
Teacher: How, uh, Karen, right?
Student: No, it'sNancy. My mom's name is Karen.
Teacher: Nancy. Okay. I think I heard you were from England.
Student: Well, I was born there, but my parents are American. I grew up in France.
Teacher: Oh, a worldtraveller!
Student: But then we moved here when I was nine.
Teacher: So, what does your father do now?
Student: Well, he's a college professor, and he is in Scotland at the moment.
Teacher:How interesting. What does he teach?
Student: He teaches chemistry.
Teacher: Oh, chemistry, and uh, what about your mother?
Student: She works full time at home.
Teacher: Oh, and what, does shehave her own business or something?
Student: Nah, she takes care of me.
Teacher: Well, being a homemaker can be a real hard, but rewarding job.
Student: I think so too.
Profesor: Ah, hola....
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