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Kurt Cobain
(Stage name Kurt Poupon, USA, 1967-1994) Composer and American hard rock singer, founder and principal member of Nirvana.
On February 20, 1967 Kurt Poupon born in the town of Aberdeen,Washington. That child, who over the years became known as Kurt Cobain, dragged along a lifetime of family problems that led to the separation of his parents when he was seven years old. Kurt Cobaindied while still a young man, but despite many problems (or perhaps because of them) came to become a global musical idol.
Kurt Cobain was the first time in their hands a guitar at age 14, when hisuncle gave it. From that moment the music became a constant in his life and was a tool that was particularly useful to express his complicated personality part. Eventually decided, along with his friendKrist Novoselic, forming his first band, which called Fecal Matter. Are your first steps into the professional world of music.
Soon Fecal Matter falls short artistic cravings of Kurt Cobain. FollowNovoselic joined to create a new group that includes drummer Dale Crover. They are at 1985 and 86 and the first Seattle concert saw the birth of the legendary Nirvana. Few would suspect that some ofthis training and the same city will originate a musical trend that will make history: grunge. Primitive rock rhythms quickly become disenchanted an anthem for the youth of the 80s. Both the music andthe aesthetics of Cobain and his band have a decisive influence on the society of that time.
In 1988, Dale Crover has been replaced by Chad Channing in Nirvana. With the newest member of the grouprecorded their first album, Nirvana. His two songs, Love Buzz and Big Cheese, get to be smash hits and give great prestige to the formation of Cobain. With the force that gives them their goodacceptance begin work on their first album, Bleach. The alternative circuits of the United States begin to host concerts of Kurt Cobain and his companions with songs like About a girl.
In 1990 published...
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