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Teaching foreign language to children

The learning of a foreign language depends on many factors. One of them is how good teacher`s knowledge of a foreign language is. I agree on this. Aneffective teacher can help a young learner progress rapidly at any level of schooling.

I agree that children from an early age exposed to an understanding of a foreign culture, they will be moretolerant and sympathetic to others. I agree on that part of the text which says: the earlier you start the more time you get for maximun time for important languages.

I agree that young children havemore advantages on learning any area subject than adults. I agree that young children are learning all the time without having the worries and responsabilities of adults and furthermore their parentsand friends help them in learning.

I think young children can learn more rapidly than adults because they have less information in their brains at that age, therefore it is easier to storeinformation. But I don´t mean children are better learners than adults and their brains are more adaptable either.

The thing is young children can learn a foreing language rapidly because they have moreopportunities to learn a foreign language, opportunities which an adult doesn´t t have, it is just that, nothing else, as there are many adults who are vey succesful language learners. It is easierto learn when one doesn`t have worries, responsabilities and when there´s enough time to devote to a language learning.

As it was said before, an effective teacher can help young learner progressrapidly. But how to become an effective teacher? I agree that teachers need competence in primary teaching methodology and the skills necessary for teaching at that level which are different fromthose needed elsewhere in the education system. It is necessary to train foreign language competente closely to ordenated with teaching metodology for this level.

In my opinion, to become a good...
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