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RFC using SAP.NET Connector 2.0

Building Proxy and using it in the same machine.


• Visual Studio 2003
• SAP.NET Connector 2.0
• Visual Studio 2005


1. Open VS 2003.
2. Open the project in which RFC is needed.

The slide after opening the project is shown as in the below slide


3. Right Click the solution and click Add( New Project ( Class Library and create the class library in the required location.


4. Then after creation of the class library create a proxy using the following steps and slides.5. Right click the class library and click Add ( New Item ( SAP Connector and create the proxy in the required name. Those steps are displayed in the following slides.

Slide to create a SAPProxy:


6. If you click the Add new Item option the following window is displayed. Thus the SAP connector is created …


Now go to Server Explorer and open the pane.In the following pane you’ll have a menu like SAP.

The structure is like SAP ( Application Server ( Add Application Server


The window creation is displayed as below…

Thus thecreation of the Application server is done. After that the items will be displayed and from that right click the Functions and click Add Function Filter.


Thus when the following is clickeda window will be opened and there the filter is specified as marked.


Thus after creating the filter if the Functions option is clicked the BAPI related to the Filter text are displayed.[pic]

Now after creating the filter then from the BAPI’s displayed Click, Drag & Drop the BAPI and drop it in the proxy File.


Thus after dropping the BAPI the process will beperformed and the details related to the BAPI is placed in the Proxy file and the slide will be as below.


After dropping the files the reference is added to the project for the BAPI .dll files...
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